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Protecting Our Marriage


Jake and Lesa labored to build their fortress. The blankets stretched over the chairs, until the kindergartners could crawl underneath, without any light showing through. They turned on their flashlights, rejoicing in their safety.

Years passed, Jake and Lesa were sweethearts in college. They had ostensibly been together since birth, growing up on the same street. Their love for one another was tender and sweet. They had friends and a lot of success academically and were happy together.

However, not all was well, as time progressed. One day, with broken hearts, they sat before their preacher, seeking advice. The scared young couple sat apart, unable to get near each other. Read more…

Muslim Religious Rights?

In the USA, we greatly value our religious freedom. Yet, the only way WE get to enjoy our right to free religious speech & worship is if ALL other religious groups receive the same right. Whether we agree with those other religious groups is immaterial as far as our constitutional rights are concerned. The US Constitution is fleshly but falls within the realm of scripture (Rom. 13). Accordingly, whether we like it or not, when we demand that the rights of Muslims in this country be denied, we’re demanding that our own religious rights be eliminated. Be careful what you wish for. I would rather see Mosques than have our own rights revoked.

Problem with Preacher-Centered Evangelism

Men talking

In my first year of full-time preaching, I was told by a leader of the congregation, “I don’t have to visit. That’s what we pay you for.”

This statement encapsulates the problem with the form of evangelism practiced in far too many congregations.

Preacher-centered evangelism is where the preacher is the sum total of the evangelistic efforts of the congregation. It falls on him to find all the prospects, teach them, immerse them and foster their spiritual growth.

If this growth fails to materialize, then he is replaced by another man and the cycle begins anew. Read more…

God Simplifies, Man Complicates


The relationship between God and man in spiritual matters can be summarized as, God simplifies and man complicates. Satan always conspires against God (John 8:44; 1 Peter 5:8; Matthew 4:1-11) and man is an able accomplice (Romans 3:23).

When we run ahead of God, we’re on our own. In Christianity, this divide is magnified and advancing technologies make it worse. When we go where God doesn’t authorize, we’ve left his protection (Colossians 3:17). Read more…

Nostalgia will not get us into Heaven


Few things are more heartwarming than pleasant memories of home and loved ones. Nostalgia crystalizes the past until only joy remains.

During those idealized years we become a Christian like so many in our family before us (Acts 2:38; 22:16). They carry us on a wave of faithfulness. Read more…

God’s Patience Has Limits


While the longsuffering of God is beyond our human comprehension (Romans 9:22), we can’t take His goodness for granted (Ezekiel 18:20). There will always be a reckoning (Revelation 21:8).

God did everything He could for Israel, but his patience ended when the Jewish system met a horrifying end in A.D. 70 at the hands of the Romans. However, Zechariah warned Israel in advance. Read more…

“Christians” and Racism


In 1816, George Bourne, a Presbyterian minister in Virginia, wrote a pamphlet entitled, “The Horrors of Slavery.”

He wrote:

“Every man who holds Slaves and who pretends to be a Christian is either an incurable Idiot who cannot distinguish good from evil, or an obdurate sinner who resolutely defies every social, moral, and divine requisition.”

For his honesty, Bourne was defrocked and chased out of Virginia. Read more…

Series on Liberalism


Those who are concerned with the damage being done to the Lord’s Church would do well to pay attention to the reasons behind the threats. Dismissing liberals before we seek to understand their beliefs would be foolhardy and dangerous. Liberals don’t hate the Church or the Lord. They just have very different perspectives and worldviews. Information is a tool to help win the battles ahead.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Implications of Liberalism, Part Five


Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Liberal Guilt

It’s easier to complain about brethren who want to change the church instead of doing the work to figure out how they arrived at their conclusions. Liberals are sincere and love the Lord. However, their worldview differs greatly from conservatives.

In fact, if we accepted their presuppositions and worldview, we would see their conclusions as axiomatic. They aren’t out to intentionally destroy the Church, just change her to meet their view of how things should be.

Read more…

Implications of Liberalism, Part Four


Part One

Part Two

Part Three


Allan Bloom writes:

“There is one thing that a professor can be absolutely certain of: almost every student entering the university believes, or says he believes, that truth is relative.” [1]

Progressivism seeks to move past Scripture and to be free to find truth in a variety of methods and resources. Relativism is a “philosophical theory asserting that there is no absolute truth, only truth relative to the individual, or to a particular time or culture, or both. To put it another way, relativism may be defined as the radical denial of objectivity.” [2] Read more…

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