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Benefits of a Life of Learning


Is there Fighting Within Your Family?

Families Communal

We Will Never Find Happiness In…


How Do We Fix America’s Problems?


False Promises of Prayer?


Why Affection is so Important to Marriage


Thomas and Maggie sat in marriage counseling. Maggie dabbed at her swollen eyes as she cried about Thomas’ refusal to be affectionate to his wife of 32 years.

The counselor asked Thomas why he was cold towards her.

“That’s silly stuff. I won’t do it.”

“Maggie, did Thomas kiss you when you were dating?” Read more…

Trying to Separate the Bible from Jesus?


Have You Found Peace?


Reading and Writing Music


I live in an active home and regretfully I have a difficult time reading or writing when there is noise. Since I can’t always get away from it, I put on my headphones and let instrumental music fill my mind instead so I can be free to read or write.

Accordingly, I wanted to share some of my favorites. I know there are countless examples of instrumental videos I could post but these are beautiful and long enough to serve the purposes I have in mind. I hope you find them helpful. Read more…

We Must Be Teachable


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